Lee on his foot

Orioles first baseman Derrek Lee met with reporters this morning and said he was going to take some swings and test his foot.

“It’s feeling good,” said Lee of his left foot, which he fouled a ball off of in his first at-bat Saturday. “I’ll test it out [Tuesday] and hopefully get in there. If not today, tomorrow.”

Lee said he wasn’t worried when he initially hit his foot because he figured any serious injury, like a broken bone, would hurt right away. His foot didn’t start bothering him until Saturday night, when the Orioles decided to do an X-ray.

“I was only concerned when the doctor was looking at the X-ray and said that he saw something suspicious,” said Lee, who had an MRI that came back fine on Sunday morning. 

“I said, ‘Oh boy.’ But it’s fine.”

Lee said as long as he can run and hit, he’ll play in today’s game against the Yankees. Manager Buck Showalter was also considering having Lee serve at designated hitter. There’s no Orioles lineup yet, presumably because they are waiting on Lee. 

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