Waiting on Duchscherer

Orioles starter Justin Duchscherer said this morning that he doesn’t know the results from yesterday’s MRA on his left hip, but expects to know later this afternoon.

When asked what led up to his scratch from Sunday’s scheduled intrasquad start, Duchscherer said: “The best I can describe it is it felt like it did last year before it was operated on. So I thought the smart thing to do was not go out there and try to throw three innings when it was already hurting in warm-up. [We’ll] get the images on it and see what’s going on in there and go from there.”

His left hip was the most recent procedure for Duchscherer, who didn’t want to comment on his frustration level until he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

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Hey Britt, I read a interesting article concerning how people who have suffered bouts of depression,as Duke has, often times expect the worst to happen. I have know idea how well you get to know the players or if you want to comment on this, but from Dukes quotes here and on the team page it seems that might be the case. Any comment.

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