Gregg will go back to old mechanics

Orioles reliever Kevin Gregg has allowed eight earned runs over his last two outings – a 1 1/3 innings stretch – but said Tuesday he isn’t worried and is just going to scrap the mechanical adjustments he had  been working on with pitching coach Mark Connor.

“Obviously they are not turning into good results on the field,” said Gregg, who allowed five runs (four earned) on three hits -including a grand slam — and a walk to the Astros.

 Gregg, who was trying to learn forward more when releasing the ball, struggled to stay out of the middle of the plate and exited after recording just one out.

“Tinker with one thing and it messes up another thing,” he said. “I know I threw the ball well early, but it was something they thought I should try to change and improve. I tried to make that adjustment a little bit but it is throwing off some other mechanics in the midst of it. So [Connor] said we’ll take a step back go back to where we were and see how that works.”

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