Guthrie on his improving fastball

Likely Opening Day starter Jeremy Guthrie talked about his third spring start this afternoon. Here’s what he had to say.

[on the wind playing a role in his final line]
 “It doesn’t factor into what I do. You always try to keep the ball down, so whether the wind’s blowing out or not, you try to get the ball to stay down and get ground balls.”

“I did not think [Raul Ibanez’s ball] was going to be a home run, but at the same time, you have to hit the ball well for to go out to center field. He put a good swing on it. I fell behind in the count and he was able to swing aggressively.”

[on how he looks at spring results:] “You always look at the process. I look at spring the same as I do during the season. Evaluate pitches, see what you can do better. Today, I worked behind in the count. Obviously, last game I was 12 of 16 first-pitch strikes. Today, I was probably less than half to the hitters. When you get behind to good hitters, they take a more aggressive approach and can swing better, but you try to do the best you can. There’s pitches I’d take back, there’s some that I wouldn’t.

The biggest pitch I didn’t like was walking [Shane] Victorino. Small things. You work on small things and make small adjustments and get better.”

[on where he feels like he’s at this spring]
“I always look at the execution. Today, my fastball was as good as it’s been all spring. That’s what you look at. Curveball was good. And for the most part I had good action on the fastball, and that’s what you look at. When they hit a ball hard, you try to break down why it was. Today, I attribute it to working behind in the count and them being aggressive at the plate.”

“I’m very happy. I like the way the ball feels coming out of my hand. The ability to throw all four pitches for strikes is a real positive.”

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