Arrieta establishes fastball in 2nd start

Orioles pitcher Jake Arrieta said Wednesday’s start was a definite improvement over his first outing in Lakeland. Arrieta tossed three innings of one-run baseball against the Twins, allowing only a second-inning solo shot to Twins infielder Luke Hughes.

Arrieta, who also struck out two, was able to work efficiently and a much-improved tempo, which is something the club has stressed. Here’s what he had to say…

[on how he felt}
“I’m getting more comfortable in game situations, guys in the box. The atmosphere of just being more of a big league setting. Just getting more comfortable around in the zone with all my pitches. Breaking balls were a lot better today, a little bit more crisp. Just everything felt better, as I expected it to, my second time out. I only expect it to get better as spring goes on.”
[on being economical]
“[I threw] first pitch strikes and I put those hitters on the defense. Making them feel a little more uncomfortable in the box is my objective.  [I] pounded the zone with the heater, more so in a spring training setting than in the regular season.

Really, [I] just wanted to establish the fastball. That’s, throughout Spring Training, that’s going to my primary objective is to establish that pitch. And work everything else off that. When you are working first-pitch strikes the rate of swing is a lot more frequently. That was the result today.”

[on being able to relax and not do to much given that he’s projected to be in the rotation]
“Yeah. I don’t think that [worrying is] something you need in your mind. Especially when you are going out there and trying to get your work in. I’m really not concerned with that, I’m pretty confident I’m going to be on the team. I said that from Day 1. All I want to do out here is get ready for April 1, 3, 4 whatever it will be. Whatever my start will be. I just want to make sure I’m prepared for that. Today was a good example of the preparation needed to be ready for that Opening Day.”

[on the Hughes pitch]

“It was a 1-0 fastball. I don’t think you could throw it anymore center cut. Just trying to continue to get ahead, pounding the fastball. I might have gone with something else during the year, but right now my concern is just to establish that pitch. You know, he hit it out, put a good swing on it,  but you just got to move on and get the next guy and that’s what I did.”

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