Post-game Buck

A few tidbits from manager Buck Showalter post-game…

*With Minor League camp about to start, the Orioles first round of cuts will likely come after Thursday’s game. So expect a trimmer roster come Friday. 

*Jeremy Accardo was stretched out to go two innings tonight.  Showalter said pitching coach Mark Connor will do that with several guys as the O’s make every effort to not have a pen full of one-inning guys.

*Showalter said he had no problem with first baseman Brian Roberts sliding headfirst into first base in to beat out a bunt single Monday night.

“That’s part of his game,” Showalter said of Roberts, who played in just 59 games last year due to a herniated disc in his lower back. “It’s something Robby wants to make a point of emphasis this spring. You’ve already seen a couple bunts.”
*On Kevin Gregg: “He doesn’t have a whole lot of panic in him. He doesn’t have any panic in him at all.”

*Showalter said he would have liked to see more first-pitch strikes from pitching prospect Zach Britton,but overall was pleased with how the young lefty fared in his first career spring start.

“If you didn’t know Zach was his age and what have you, unless you are
trying to put yourself in his shoes you wouldn’t have thought he was any
different than anyone else pitching tonight,” Showalter said.

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