Britton on his outing

I’ll have a full story up later on, but here’s what Zach Britton had to say following tonight’s start. You can read the details of how it went here.

[on being nervous]
I wasn’t nervous at all. I think the national anthem got a couple laughs out of me. So it broke the ice for everything. I was excited to be out there but I really wasn’t nervous. I was talking to the guys, and they were like, ‘hey, just go after the guys they were no different than the Phillies were.’

I have a lot of respect for what those guys have done  on the field but in between the lines I was like I don’t care who u are I’m going to go after you today. If you beat me, you beat me.

Obviously I heard their names and it was cool to be facing them.  But at the same time, I just picked up matt. And I was like I’m not going to look at those guys. I am going to focus on Matt and making my pitches.

[on his stuff]

It was  good. Me and matt had a talk about throwing some more four-seams, because they were moving lot today and in the Phillies game as well.  It’s tough to throw first pitch strikes when it’s moving like that, but it was good. Got good results.

[on being the night game, which was televised on MASN]

I was really excited. I was trying not to read who was going to play in the lineup. I kind of wanted to gout there and be surprised. I was really excited, obviously I know it was televised so I was just happy I did well. Kind of stuck with what I wanted to do, I wanted to throw threw some changeups I threw one breaking ball today. So just sinkers, four seamers and changeups.

[On Matt Wieters getting a chance to catch him]

He gives good feedback, because he knows these hitters just as well as anybody. So going back to the dugout, in between innings, he was like, ‘Hey, let’s try this,  let’s try that. This is what this guy does.’

So, it was a lot easier for me to go out there and stick with what I wanted to do. Which was throw fastball and get ground balls.

[on not trying to do too much with every outing]
I came in with the mindset to Spring Training, after talking to a lot of guys, was don’t try to impress them too much. There’s certain things that are out of my control. So I came here to try to learn as much as possible. And when I got opportunities like this, it was to try to make the best of them.

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