Josh Bell on his first base debut

Orioles third baseman Josh Bell has been working with infield coach Willie Randolph at first base. On Friday he got his first start and he made a few nice defensive plays, including starting a 3-6-1 double play.

“It actually feels really comfortable out there,” said Bell, who also doubled at the plate. “So hopefully, I get some more chances to get out there.”

Manager Buck Showalter agreed that Bell seemed pretty comfortable, and said pregame that it’s a good way to get Bell some at-bats before starter Derrek Lee starts playing.

“He looks pretty comfortable,” Showalter said of Bell. “This isn’t something we just pulled out of the air. We’ve been talking a little bit about it. You look at common attributes of guys who can go over there and play a little bit. He’s got them. It would be a pretty easy transition for him if we ever had to go in that direction.”

Bell said the reaction time is pretty much the same, but obviously at first base you’re involved in more plays.

“You don’t really realize how close the pitcher is to you,” he added. “It’s just getting used to things. The pick-offs, holding runners on. Being a part of the game more, instead of watching. Usually at third base, a ground ball goes somewhere else you are just watching the play.”

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