Bergesen on his outing

Orioles starter Brad Bergesen talked briefly with the media about his first spring outing this afternoon…

[on how he felt]
“I felt good today for the first outing. There’s definitely things I need to tune up a little bit. Fastball felt OK. I need to start working down. Changeup actually felt good today, and I threw a few good sliders in there. Overall, for first outing, it was a good one to  get my feet wet today.”

[on his anxiousness to get going]
 “It felt good. I don’t want to say Opening Day, but first time back on the mound you’ve got those little extra butterflies going. There’s a little bit of an extra adrenaline rush going, so I’ve just got to hone in on it and fine-tune these things the rest of spring.”
(compared to last year): “My goodness, It’s night and day. It’s just completely opposite to the spectrum of what I feel like right now. Last year, I was just rushing myself, just trying to get my arm in enough shape to be able to pitch off a mound, so it didn’t really give me that much time to work on my mechanics or get to where I needed to be. This year, it’s a whole other story, and hopefully I can have that time like I’ve had so far and get ready for the season the way I want to.”
[feel like you have something to prove]
“Every year I come in, I’ve always got something to prove. I think that’s what always keeps me going and always makes you better. In this game, you never want to settle or feel comfortable, so for me, especially with a new staff, I want to come in here and do what I’m capable of doing, and also prove a point here.”
[ on what home plate ump Wally Bell said to him] “He actually was just talking to me about a balk issue. I didn’t balk, but he was just saying that it was kind of borderline and it’s just something the umpires are looking out for a little bit this year. Very minor, but he was saying something about how I need to be a little more deliberate when I step off the rubber.”

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