A few early morning notes

*Derrek Lee will try to take batting practice today for the first time. Lee has been slowed by offseason thumb surgery but has been taking part in pretty much everything else.

“He has not shied away from any of the drills,” said infield coach Willie Randolph of Lee. “He could have easily said, ‘Hey, I don’t want to throw because of my thumb.’ But no, he’s out there, he’s doing all the drills. And that’s leadership.

That’s showing everybody, ‘Hey, I’m here to work. I may be a little bit slow in some of the things I’m doing, but I still want to be a part of it. He understands the concept of getting this infield together early and often and feeling each other as a unit.”

*The Orioles are also optimistic Brian Roberts will be able to rejoin the infield today. Roberts has been sidelined by some neck stiffness but was hopeful that he’d workout Friday or Saturday.

*Finally, I wanted to pass along an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal recently that said the Orioles “won” the offseason. The link is here.


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