Roberts speaks

Brian Roberts, who confirmed he got an X-ray on his neck this morning, briefly addressed reporters at his locker. Here’s what he had to say…

“[It’s] just a stiff neck. We’ve probably all had a stiff neck at some point in our life right? I’m not overly concerned.”

Roberts said he would take today off and rest.

“We tried to get it calmed down at least so whenever it does feel fine, I’ll go out there,” Roberts said. “It’s the third day of spring training.”

When asked if he was aware that any injury to him causes immediate concern, Roberts was dismissive.
“I understand there’s about a two feet difference from where my back hurt and where my neck hurt,” Roberts said. “So I’m pretty sure they are not related.”

As for if he will resume baseball activities on Thursday, Roberts said he had no idea.

“We will just see how it feels,” he said.

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Your work just gets more and more amazing. Love the light here and the wnuderfol skin tones (how *do* you do that??). And no you’re not fat. Not that you were fishing for more compliments.

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