Odds and Ends

*A quick reminder that if you were planning on watching today’s first full-squad workout it starts at noon. The team has physicals and meetings this morning, although they will try to take the field earlier if possible.

*The O’s first game is next Monday, although manager Buck Showalter is hoping to play an intrasquad game on Sunday on the practice field that mimics Camden Yards’ dimensions. The Orioles main field is still on schedule to be ready for the first home game March 1.

Here’s a photo of the main stadium courtesy of the team’s Twitter feed.

*Showalter rented out a movie theatre last night to show the team an inspirational movie, which I’m told went over very well. Several players remarked that they were ready to play a game right then and there. I don’t have any details as to what exactly the movie was, but it was a self-made one. I should have quotes later this afternoon when the clubhouse is open to the media.

*Also, I wrote last night about some new developments expected in Alfredo Simon’s case in the next 7-10 days. I’ll keep you posted as best as I can. 

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