Vlad speaks

Vladimir Guerrero was just introduced to the media in a press conference where teammates Adam Jones and Jeremy Guthrie were also in attendance. It lasted just under 20 minutes and I’ll have a full story up on Orioles.com shortly.  Here are the highlights, translated by interpreter (and his agent) Fernando Cuza.

[on how the market played out and being in Baltimore]
I want to do the same thing for this organization that I did for Texas. I like challenges.  When I went to Texas they had never won a title for a lot of years. When I left Anaheim for Texas, it was a challenge for me to do that. I view this as an opportunity to do the same. Here’s an opportunity to do the same. I feel like I can be the missing link here, to all of a sudden take this team from where it was to have it hoping to become a contender.
[impressions of his new teammates]

I’ve only been here a couple days, so I haven’t had a chance to meet a lot of people here. But the people I have met, I’ve been feeling that. I’ve been feeling very much at home, they are like family here.

[whether he has a chip on his shoulder this year or feels he has something to prove]
No. I just want to stay healthy. I know if I stay healthy I’m going to have a good year.
[plans after this year?]
No I haven’t thought about retirement yet. My whole mindset is to have a good year, continue playing and if I stay healthy and things keep going well for me, I’m going to continue playing.

[any numerical goals?]

500 home runs is definitely something I’m after. And whatever comes after that.

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