Os return to WBAL

Orioles radio will have a new home in 2011, as the club announced Tuesday that it has signed a multi-year deal to make 1090 AM WBAL Radio the O’s flagship station.

The new agreement ends a four-season run with 105.7 The Fan and reunites WBAL and the Orioles for the first time since 2006.

The partnership with WBAL Radio marks the 42nd year since Baltimore returned to the Major Leagues 57 years ago that the station has originated Orioles broadcasts. The station first broadcast O’s games in 1957, which was the club’s fourth season.

“We are excited to reestablish our relationship with WBAL Radio,” said Orioles Director of Communications Greg Bader. “Both the Orioles and WBAL Radio have a long and proud tradition in this region and we are pleased to once again call them our flagship as we look forward to an exciting 2011 season.”

All 162 regular season games will be broadcast on WBAL Radio, as well as 10 Spring Training contests from Sarasota, Fla.  The move does not change the on-air talent, as both Joe Angel and Fred Manfra officially work for the Orioles, and the pair will return to call the action on the O’s Radio Network.

“We’re thrilled to have the Orioles on 1090 AM, where they belong, ” WBAL Radio’s Vice President and General Manager, Ed Kiernan said in an article on the station’s website.  “This is the extension of a terrific tradition.  For 41 of their 57 seasons, WBAL Radio has been the flagship for the Orioles.  With our 50,000 watt signal, we can blanket the east coast with our broadcasts.  Now, all of the great teams of the American League’s Eastern Division – the Yankees, The Red Sox and the Orioles, will be heard on the AM dial.”

According to the station’s website, WBAL Radio will launch a new Orioles “On Deck” show, hosted by Brett Hollander, prior to the games.  In addition, during the off-season, WBAL Radio will broadcast a weekly “Hot Stove” program.

“Clearly there is a new excitement surrounding the team this year,” Kiernan said to WBal.com. “We’re thrilled to be a part of it, and we’re anxious to get the season rolling.”

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10 spring training games, Yipppy! Last year they only did two. Sorry, MLB.Audio only carried two of them I hope they carry all of them this year. Also, the other station’s top of the hour ID and some of the commericals were so loud I had to take my headphones off. Thanks for putting my fears to rest I’m glad Joe and Fred will be back I’m ready to hear from my friends again.

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