Report: Orioles make Vlad an offer. Is it enough?

Update: 3:52 pm. ESPN Deportes’ Enrique Rojas just tweeted, using an unnamed source, that Vladimir Guerrero is “not excited” about the Orioles offer, and suggests the Rangers may be back in play.  Not a real shocker since the feeling earlier was the O’s aren’t overly optimistic in their chances of signing Guerrero.


In a move first reported by FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, and confirmed by, the O’s made an offer to free-agent Vladimir Guerrero on Thursday, although the figures are a far cry than what Guerrero was originally seeking.

According to Rosenthal, who cited a Major Leagur source, the offer is in the $3-5 million range. In comparison, Guerrero started the winter with a price tag of 2 years/$16 million and has remained in that $8 range for one year of his services.

I can confirm only that the O’s offer was a “more reasonable” figure, although there are several reports out there that range from $2-5 million.

Last week’s report that the Orioles had reached a deal with Guerrero proved to be inaccurate, but the team did reignite talks with the veteran slugger. While Guerrero could agree to terms at any time, realistically the organization isn’t overly optimistic he will accept a bargain deal.

Monetary factors aside, the Orioles are also unsure how much Guerrero still has left in the tank and whether playing for another one-year deal will be enough motivation.

It will be interesting to see whether Guerrero –who won’t sit out the season according to Rosenthal — takes the deal or finds a better price elsewhere. The Orioles would be a good fit and it would make sense for both sides, but there always a possibility they get “Soriano’ed” and a team swoops in and overpays, much like what the Yankees did in getting Rafael Soriano for a $35 million commitment.

The Orioles have always wanted Vlad, but at the right price. That’s particularly true now that the team is essentially done spending $. You can break your bank for a Mark Teixeira type, or even Victor Martinez, who the O’s made an early offer to this winter. But you don’t do it for an aging veteran like Guerrero.

I said this earlier, but I’d be shocked if this wasn’t resolved by the end of the week.

I also have a hard time imaging –and this is purely my own speculation — that the O’s will deal Luke Scott if they get Vlad. Scott’s younger, coming off a career year and doesn’t command a huge salary. It’s more likely the O’s will put him in left field, creating a logjam with Nolan Reimold and Felix Pie. They could trade away Pie –which would leave Matt Angle as the only backup in center field — or they could deal Reimold, although the organization still isn’t sure what they have in Reimold. They had several chances to deal him away this winter and didn’t.

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