A few odds and ends

*The Orioles should make the Kevin Gregg signing official mid-week, leaving them with a lefty reliever and a bench to shore up before Spring Training. Don’t expect them to sign another premiere DH-type unless they get a deal too good to pass up. But it’s unlikely a guys like Jim Thome and Vladmir Guerrero, who they have interest in, would settle for a part-time role in the right price range. Luke Scott figures to be the Orioles regular DH.

*Fanfest details are up in the previous entry. Again, sorry for the delay.

*I wrote a story for the site today about the revamped Orioles infield and while the new additions should make them a more competitive team, I thought president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail really summed things up with this quote:

“So far, so good,” MacPhail said of the organization’s position player upgrades. “But the most important factor is going to be the continued health and maturation of our young arms.”

While it’s nice to know that the Orioles have a few guys capable of hitting the ball out of the ballpark, the success of 2011 still hinges on the likes of Brian Matusz, Brad Bergesen, Jake Arrieta,Chris Tillman and even Zach Britton, who I expect to be up at some point this season.

Having another stellar year from Jeremy Guthrie to head the rotation will go a long ways, especially since the later into the winter it gets, the less of a chance there is that the Orioles will get another innings-eater type starter. The feeling in the organization is they’d still like to have a veteran arm, but there isn’t much out there for their price or in trade avenues. Keep in mind the O’s have dealt away with what MacPhail calls their “best currency” in right-handed relief pitching, twice packaging a pair of young arms.

Chances are they won’t get another Kevin Millwood-type guy before camp, meaning it’s time for the young guys to either sink or swim.

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