A little Lee

Derrek Lee just had his conference call with reporters and I’ll have a full story up on Orioles.com shortly, but here are a few quick highlights. He said that he has discussed the lineup with manager Buck Showalter, but just knows that he’ll be in the middle of the lineup somewhere.

As for his right thumb injury, which he injured diving for a ball on Opening Day, Lee had successful surgery on Nov. 5 and has been out of the cast for about two weeks now. He expects to be cleared to start swinging in the next weeks weeks and is scheduled to see the doctor again Monday. 

[on coming to Baltimore..]
“Honestly Baltimore wasn’t on my radar [earlier this winter.],” Lee said. “My agent kept bringing up Baltimore to me, kept speaking  about it, and I’d go on Sportscenter, and hear of them signing guys

I was looking over their lineup to see what Buck’s doing up there…I just really warmed up to the idea it kind of grew on me, I’m very excited.”

[On his down numbers in ’10 serving as incentive]
I do [look at this season as a redemption]. I have a little chip on my shoulder, man. People say I’m old and declining so I want to prove that theory wrong, obviously.

I’ve played a while….I had a bad year. That’s behind me, I’ve had some pretty productive years and I feel like I’m kinda getting thrown by the wayside after one year. So, yeah I have a chip on my shoulder and I’m excited to prove some of these people wrong.

[on how he would describe his style of play]
“I’m a guy [teamates] know is going to show up every day to work. I try to be on the field every single game,  obviously injuries are a part of it…[but] I’m going to play hard and try to lead by example, play the game the right way. That’s the way I was brought up.”

[on how close he came to joining the Orioles back in 2003, when he reportedly flew to Baltimore]
“We were  extremely close, it didn’t work out that day,” Lee said. “I didn’t know it was over when I got back on the plane. But it was extremely close.

I guess I was mean to be an Oriole because here I am 7 years later and I’m with Baltimore.”

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