Clearing up a few things…

My tweet earlier about a source close to the Adam LaRoche situation saying that the free agent was still mulling over his options generated a lot of anger/confusion. So, let’s clear a few things up..

This does NOT mean LaRoche won’t come to Baltimore or doesn’t want to be an Oriole. It’s really not his fault that there have been multiple reports speculating that the two sides are closing in on an agreement.

I haven’t heard of any absolutes he has been offered, although I know the two sides have been in negotiations for quite some time. So, it’s a leap to say that LaRoche not being the Orioles first baseman as of Monday afternoon is a slight to the organization.

It’s his right as a free agent to weigh his options, and I don’t see Carl Pavano and his agent taking any wrath. LaRoche and Derrek Lee are the best two guys available at first base, so why shouldn’t they evaluate their options? I’m sure many of you in that spot would do the same.

As I’ve said before, there’s a lot of stuff that gets thrown against the wall this time of year. Didn’t everyone think the Angels made Carl Crawford a substantial offer? Turns out they didn’t. The O’s didn’t have any interest in right-hander Kenshin Kawakami either, as the Braves called every Major League team saying they were willing to trade him. See how a phone call gets twisted around?

On Freddy Garcia, a lot of you have asked if the Orioles are interested. And, yes, they’ve talked about him. But I’m told it’s more of doing their due diligence to a free-agent starter at this point. That could change, because you never know when, where or how a deal can get going.

The same can be said of LaRoche.

More to come on

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