Hernandez speaks about the trade

David Hernandez went into this offseason never expecting to be traded. He joked he thought he’d be in Birdland for life.

But today’s trade for Mark Reynolds has Hernandez and reliever Kam Mickolio on their way to Arizona. I just got off the phone with David, who is still in shock. But here’s what he said..

“It’s bittersweet,” Hernandez said of being traded.  “I have a weird feeling,  I don’t know what to expect. But at the
same time its exciting ill be close to home [California] all my family will bea able to
come out.

The only bad thing is all the relationships and friendships I’ve made since
2005. I’ve made a lot of friends through the years.”

[On leaving the Orioles]

“I thought I was going to be there to see them turn it around in the next 3
or 4 years,” Hernandez said. “It’s something I wanted to do. But it just didn’t work out.”

“It’s always good when other teams value you, it makes you feel
like you are definitely needed and wanted. I look at it as a fresh start.”

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