Welcome to the Winter Meetings


Baseball’s Winter Meetings officially begin on Monday, but Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail just with the Baltimore media.Check the site for that story later on, and if you missed it my Winter Meetings primer is up there as well.

When asked if the Nationals signing Werth put any more pressure on the Orioles to be aggressive MacPhail said the team’s focus remains the same.

“We have to do those things that we think are in our best interest,” MacPhail said. “We have to do those things that we think make sense for the

Here’s a few of the highlights…

-The Orioles had no interest in Werth. They did make offers to Adam Dunn and Victor Martinez and you get the sense now that they will try to explore a trade. Although there’s been a hefty amount of rumors floating around, MacPhail reiterated that the team will be “judicious” in holding on to their young starters. Unless it’s an offer so good they can’t pass up, they won’t part with any of those guys.

-After missing on Dunn and Martinez, could the O’s go another season without a premier slugger? It’s not completely out of the question. But you would think if they don’t get a cleanup hitter they will have to upgrade offensively at all three infield spots –short, third and first — from this season. The easiest route would have been signing a premiere free agent.

-The team feels good about their chances to resign Koji. They declined to offer him arbitration and reportedly his agent told Japanese reporters that six teams are interested. But the O’s have the money to match those offers and the added advantage of Koji being comfortable and acclimated to Baltimore.

-The bullpen remains a work in progress and the O’s could make a few additions over these next few days. The team has several offers out to free agents and it’s likely some of those are to relievers.


Yeah, OK. This is the history of The Indians in a nulhsetl. They SUCKED SUCK and will ALWAYS SUCK!!! College grads are getting the fuck out of Cleveland in DROVES. The economy here sucks the weather sucks our pro sports teams suck and all the rednecks/simpletons around here suck!

I can’t wait to attend Hooked on Books and the ARTS too with my 2nd and 4th grade girls. We’ve gone the past sevaerl years and love visiting every room. They like to read to the dogs, pet the bunny and make crafts. Looking forward to this year’s schedule of events! Thanks Community Ed and Carver County Library for putting together such a wonderful family event!

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