Orioles miss out on Dunn/non-tender Albers

This is becoming a reoccurring theme. The Orioles missed out on free-agent slugger Adam Dunn as multiple reporters Tweeted that he was headed to Chicago. It’s reportedly a four-year, $56-million deal and you can read more details on that here.

Apparently, Dunn’s arrival doesn’t close the door on Paul Konerko –another guy coveted by the O’s — rejoining the Sox either. As I blogged yesterday, a source close to Konerko all but ruled out him coming to Baltimore. Signing Dunn probably doesn’t change matters, although it might speed up Konerko’s signing.

An Orioles source confirmed the team made an offer to Dunn but, like Victor Martinez, they lost out. Dunn had said on record that he wanted four years, turning down the Nationals’ three-year offer earlier this season. He got that, but he didn’t get his other wish to stay in the National League and play full-time first base. I’m betting the White Sox did promise him some time in the field, with a possible platoon if Konerko returns. 

As for the Orioles remaining options, a group that includes Adrian Beltre, Carlos Pena, Derrek Lee and Adam LaRoche, although Beltre could be off the board soon. We know they offered deals to Martinez and Dunn, and were turned down twice. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have several other offers out there to the group mentioned above.

I’m starting to think their best route –if they don’t get Konerko — may be to make a trade. The Orioles have been linked several times to Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds. As is always the case, any trade talks would start with the Orioles young arms, in this case the Dbacks need bullpen help. Do you trade away the young guys? 

In other news, the O’s declined to offer a contract to right-handed reliever Matt Albers. This is hardly a shock. As I wrote yesterday, he was a candidate to be non-tendered.

He could resign with the Orioles at a reduced rate, but it’s unlikely he does. Teams always need extra bullpen help and he wasn’t due for a huge raise. It just came down to the Orioles thinking they could find better, and cheaper, options elsewhere.  Albers is now a free agent.

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