Why I hate the BCS

Michigan State wins its first share of the Big 10 title since 1990 and won’t get a chance to play in the Rose Bowl. Are they as good as Ohio State? I don’t know (they didn’t play each other), but they beat Wisconsin, the team that people are picking to win the bid (which is now based on the BCS Standings.)

Of the three teams tied atop the Big 10, Michigan State is the only one to have not either of its co-titleholders. MSU currently holds the Big Ten Championship, Megaphone (ND), Paul Bunyan (Mich), Brass Spittoon (Ind), Land Grant (Penn St) trophies. If I recall correctly, the Spartans were picked to finish seventh in the preseason rankings and beat Wisconsin with their head coach in the hospital.

People think the World Series and baseball’s playoffs need work and I’m open to that argument. But the way college football is handled is ridiculous. I can go on and on about how my beloved Spartans (yes, I’m a biased alum) are getting the shaft, but you came here for Orioles news. So, back to baseball we go…

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