Os unveil coaches, but could still add to the staff

Orioles manager  Buck Showalter is the first to admit the process of hammering out next season’s staff took a little longer than anticipated. But the six-man group, including former Major League managers Willie Randolph and John Russell, is certainly impressive.

And it might not be done just yet.

“We may not be through completely through with some of the assets we are using,” Showalter said on Wednesday morning’s conference call, adding that the “first place” he looked was within the organization.

In certain cases, the time commitment was too much and Showalter was also wary of “robbing Peter to play Paul,” meaning cleaning house and hiring guys from the O’s Minor Leagues and then leaving that cupboard barren. But he acknowledged on Wednesday that the current six-man staff could have another addition or two by Spring Training, although nothing is set in stone in that regard.

Showalter made it no secret that he wanted a Spanish speaker or former Oriole on staff and although he got a fine groups–that includes Randolph, Russell, Jim Presley, Mark Connor, Rick Adair and Wayne Kirby — none of them fit those requirements. So would he add another instructor or an “eye in the sky” coach watching from up above? It all depends.

“You have to make sure there is a need,” Showalter said. “There is some ways, if we feel like that’s a need of the construction of our club [to add someone], we can move forward with some stuff.

[And] make sure that’s a comfort zone for everybody.”

Showalter said in certain situations that having having ties to the organization as a former player would be a “tiebreaker” for him, but also made it seem as if he had explored that avenue with several guys already.


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