A few Orioles odds and ends..

There should be an inbox filled with your offseason questions up on Orioles.com shortly, but I have a few quick notes to pass along as well…

*General manager meetings are slated to start Tuesday in Orlando and in all likelihood there will be a lot of talk and little movement on the trade front. My guess is there’s a few minor deals to be made, but more importantly it’s a chance for the GMs to sit down face-to-face and get the wheels in motion.

*MLB.com columnist Anthony Castrovince brings up some important points in his column about award-winning candidates on team that didn’t get much recognition. Here’s the Oriole-related graph on Luke Scott

DESIGNATED HITTER: Luke Scott, Orioles

Vlad Guerrero and David Ortiz are the bigger names, but Scott actually had the highest OPS of any qualifying DH in 2010, with a .902 mark. His park-adjusted OPS+ was 142.

It appears the 32-year-old Scott is just coming into his own as a Major League hitter. He had nine homers and a .996 OPS in August of a lost season, right around the time Buck Showalter arrived and instilled new hope for the future in the O’s and their fans.

In fact, with a slash line of .284/.368/.535, 27 homers and 78 RBIs for the season, you could argue that Scott could have/should have beaten out Guerrero for the AL Silver Slugger for DHs. But playing in Baltimore, on a team that won just 66 games, doesn’t do much to raise one’s profile.

What do you think? Is Scott under appreciated around the league?

*It’s never too early to start helping. Double-A Bowie is once again bringing back Louie’s Holiday Hope Project, which supports families in need. More info on the effort and how you can help can be found on their website or by clicking here.

*In case you missed it, I talked some Orioles offseason and possible Hot Stove action over the weekend with MLB.com’s on-air talent. You can catch that video here

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