Pictures anyone?

I know some of you are frustrated that the Orioles aren’t appearing in rumors. President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail is very, very close to the vest and keep in mind it’s still early. The majority of moves won’t happen until after the Winter Meetings, which are Dec. 6-9 in Orlando. The O’s are calling agents and getting in touch with players, according to manager Buck Showalter, Andy’s been working the phones ever since the FA period started last weekend. So, now we wait for the Hot Stove to heat up a little bit.

In the meantime I’ve been awful at posting pictures this season like I wanted to, so here are a few from the ALCS games in Texas.  Enjoy.


This is at the Ballpark in Arlington. They have suites on the upper level with famous names, including Os pitcher Jim Palmer and Mickey Mantle.



The Yankees taking batting practice. Notice the red shirts starting to file in already. The Rangers crowd was really, really loud and very pro-Texas. Nice to see, especially given Yankees fans tendency to take over…


I had missed the Orioles trip down here and was pretty impressed with the stadium and atmosphere in Texas. Oh, and the pretzels were good which always ups the ante in my book.



This is the view from the aux press box. During the playoffs, teams have to accommodate the hundreds of extra reporters and in Texas we were out in the outfield. Note, these are pretty good seats still to watch an ALCS game. The Yankees aux box seats were in the nosebleeds and only partially shielded for rain, thus I stayed in the cafeteria most of the time.


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