Odds and Ends

From the pressbox of the new Yankee Stadium (where I’m covering the ALCS as part of MLB.com’s coverage team), I’ve gotten a few Orioles-related tidbits to pass along…

*If you missed it, Ryan Adam is off to a hot start in the Arizona Fall League, taking AFL Co-Player of the Week honors.
*It’s been written and speculated that Terry Crowley is a lock to come back as hitting coach and that may end up being true. However, nothing is set in stone and a scenario where Crowley comes back as some kind of instructor or roving role isn’t out of the question.
*It’s assumed that Orioles manager Buck Showalter’s delay in naming his staff is because of all of the managerial openings with candidates such as Brian Butterfield and Don Wakamatsu being considered for jobs with a vacancy.
But the teams still playing could also have a hand in that. Another name that has been circulated is Rangers special assistant Mark Connor, who presumably would be Showalter’s pitching coach, a role he served when Buck was in Texas. Connor is currently a Minor League consultant in the Rangers organization.
*Yankees third base coach Rob Thomson is another name to keep tabs on. Thomas figures heavily in New York’s scouting and Spring Training and is incredibly well-liked and respected for his work. He’s in his 21st season in the Yankees organization, which is where he crossed paths with Showalter, and although it’s unclear whether he would be open to leaving it’s an option worth mentioning.
*I spoke to Rangers infielder Michael Young, who is close to Showalter, at length during Sunday’s workout and, like many who know the Orioles skipper, he wasn’t shocked at the O’s end-of-season surge. Showalter is every bit the disciplinarian advertised and Young said he was approached by several players, including Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis for a scouting report of their new skipper. Young said the players “seemed relieved” and “enthusiastic” about having a proven manager, and one that would be around for a while. 

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