Roberts to get cat scan

Following Sunday’s 3-2 season-finale loss,
Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts clarified on the concussion-like symptoms
that sidelined him for the team’s final six games.

I just have some lack of balance and some headaches, and just
stuff that hasn’t been a whole lot of fun,” said Roberts, who is scheduled to
get a cat scan on Monday.

“I don’t know 100 percent sure [what caused
the headaches], but it was Monday night. In frustration, I whacked myself on
the head with my bat in the ninth. I had my helmet on. It’s something I’ve done
a million times, but I still can’t tell you for sure if that was it. But that’s
the only thing that I can point to because that night and the next morning, I
just didn’t feel good.”

Roberts was a late-scratch from Tuesday’s
game against Tampa Bay and played in just 59 games this season after missing
three-and-a-half months with a herniated disc in his lower back. He said that
he didn’t anticipate this issue hampering his readyiness for next spring and
acknowledged that it has been one of the most trying seasons of his career.

“It’s been one for the
memory banks, but not for the best memory bank I guess,” Roberts said.  “But there’s been some good things and just
because things don’t go exactly the way you want them to, it doesn’t mean that
it’s all been a negative, a wash, because certainly since [manager Buck
Showalter has] gotten here, we’ve done some great things. And I’ll be ready to
go February 2011. It just hasn’t been the best 2010.”

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