Bucks defends Simon, Jays still not happy

The Blue Jays took issue with Alfredo Simon plunking Jose Bautista in the fifth inning of Sunday’s game, a sentiment manager Buck Showalter understood. But the O’s manager was puzzled as to Toronto’s thinking that it was intentional.

“Let me get this straight, we have one right-handed pitcher down there, we already
knew he was going to spell [Rick VandenHurk] And  I was going to call down there and say, hey, you
are my only guy and I want you to hit Bautista after throwing two balls away?,” Showalter said prior to Monday’s opener against the Rays.

“But I understand  how
it looks and I would have been upset about it too. And I would have done what the
umpire did.”

 Showalter was fined and suspended –served during Monday’s game — while Simon appealed his three-game sentence and is expected to hear back on Thursday. Both Simon and Showalter reiterated on Monday that they did not want to hit Bautista, who Simon called his friend.

“It can look that way I and I can tell you it wasn’t intentional,
but I understand it might look differently,” Showalter said. “When [Simon] hit him it really put us in
a tough spot, we really dint want to use [Matt] Albers or [David] Hernandez or any of the guys
we had to use yesterday.”

Bautista said the suspensions did not necessarily bring him any satisfaction.

“They were going to get what they deserved regardless,” he said to reporters. “I think they knew what they were doing. The second time I got
hit it was pretty obvious. I don’t care what their comments were after
the game. I did read them. I don’t believe what they said.”

“I think everybody felt that [hitting Bautista] was intentional,” said pitcher Shawn Marcum, who was fined for grazing Luke Scott with a pitch as rebuttal. “He was a seventh, eighth-inning guy throwing
in the fifth. I think he came in for one reason and one reason only.
Like I said, I guess that’s how they want to do things over there.”

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