Showalter on getting to know Jones

An interesting comment that went largely unused in Sunday’s 4-3 walkoff win was by manager Buck Showalter in discussing Adam Jones’ RBI bunt.

“I thought that was a great…what’s the word…what’s
best for the Orioles,” Showalter said of Jones’ perfectly placed bunt, which scored Brian Roberts in the first inning.  “I said to [bench coach Jeff] Datz as he started the at-bat, ‘Look where the
third baseman is playing him.’ Especially with [Andy] Pettitte probably not wanting to
push the leg a little bit. It’s a great play. Look what they give you and take
it. All of a sudden, it gets around the league and they start playing in and
some of those balls he hits now go through.

“That’s impressive, especially with,
quite frankly, a guy with 19 home runs and you know how badly he wants to hit
20, but you want to let it happen in the flow of the season and not there.
Everything’s a little chapter when you’re kind of trying to identify what’s
going on with guys. You see stuff like that, it’s not the first time. It kind
of gives you a little opening about what they might be about.”

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