Os Instrux

Today the Orioles will start an unofficial instructional league for the 15 players listed below. It’s not available to the public and will take place in the mornings at Camden Yards. The instructors include Brian Graham, Mike Bordick, Don Werner, Denny Hocking, Milt May and David Stockstill with top pick Manny Machado headlining the group.

Here’s the list.

Riley Hornback, 12th round pick, 2010
Tanner Murphy, 22nd round pick, 2010
Michael Ohlman, 11th round pick, 2009
Wynston Sawyer, 8th round pick, 2010

Mychal Givens, 2nd round pick, 2009
L.J. Hoes, 3rd round pick, 2008
Manny Machado, 1st round pick, 2010
Connor Narron, 5th round pick, 2010
Jonathan Schoop, non-drafted free agent, 2009
Tyler Townsend, 3rd round pick, 2009

Xavier Avery, 2nd round pick, 2008
Glynn Davis, non-drafted free agent, 2010
Kyle Hudson, 4th round pick, 2008
Trent Mummey, 4th round pick, 2010
Brenden Webb, 30th round pick, 2009

*One more thing, the media day on Thursday is a travel day for me so I won’t be able to catch any of these guys at instrux. But I did catch up with a few of them, including Machado, Narron and Givens at Aberdeen’s season finale, so check back for some interviews and offseason outlooks.

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