Second Guessing

The Orioles gave the Yankees their third win in 11 games -two of which have come from closer Koji Uehara’s arm – and the O’s clubhouse afterward were left wondering what might have been, questioning the pitch that came prior to Alex Rodriguez’s homer.

“The pitch before the home run, the fastball inside, I didn’t get that call,” Uehara said through interpreter Jiwon Bang of his 1-2 offering, which home plate umpire Ted Barrett ruled a ball. “[I’m] a little disappointed.”

Said A-Rod: “I didn’t think it was close. I thought it was a good no-call.

“From where I was looking, I could see  [the Orioles] whole dugout. And their whole dugout literally jumped like out of the dugout hoping or expecting that to be strike three. So they laughed at me and I laughed at them a little. It was over the white line. I thought the first pitch was borderline, and he called it a strike. Every pitch after I thought was worse than that.”

Manager Buck Showalter was in agreement with Koji and said the pitch “was close. It was obviously a better pitch than strike one to [Matt] Wieters [in the ninth inning],”said Showalter. “I’ll tell you that.”

“It was a good pitch,” Orioles starter Kevin Millwood said of Uehara’s 1-2 offering.”I mean, it was a ball. But it was a good pitch. You can’t fault the umpire for calling a ball a ball.”

“Well I can’t change the results,” said Uehara, who declined to talk about if the non-call affected him.

“It’s not that I’m going to die from it. So just start all over tomorrow.”

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The MASN pitch tracker showed the first pitch to Rodriguez was way inside. You can confirm this with Jim Palmer and the MASN crew. So crying over the 1-2 call is pointless and irrelevant. The umpires are the judge and jury and the scoreboard still reads Yankees 4, Orioles 3. End of story!

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