The Yankees on the Showalter Effect

I prefaced this a little last night with Nick Swisher’s comment, but the Orioles play these last two games has certainly raised some eyebrows on the other side of the field.

And don’t think manager Buck Showalter isn’t taking these wins in the Bronx to heart. When asked about acting very businesslike in taking the series from his old team, Showalter responded: “Publicly, I do.”

Here are some comments from the Yankees regarding the very different Oriole team they’ve been beaten by the last two games.

Derek Jeter

“They’re playing well. I don’t know because I never switched managers in the middle of a season, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of guys over there trying to make an impression.”

CC Sabathia

“They’ve got a pretty good team. They’ve got some young talent over there. They’re trying to impress their manager. The fact that they got Roberts back and Jones came off the DL today, I think that definitely helped their lineup.”

Swisher, (following Monday afternoon’s loss)

“Since they got the new manager over there, they’ve got a different style of play…They pitched a little differently [on Monday], a lot more offspeed.”

*In keeping with Swisher’s comments, the Orioles starters ERA in the first 105 games was 5.61. Under Buck’s 34 games, it’s 3.26. And the pitching staff as a whole owns a 3.57 ERA under their new manager. Several of the young arms have mentioned that they are “auditioning” and that certainly looks to be the case.

*The Orioles have won five straight road games now, dating back to the first game in Anaheim. They’ll try to extend that season-high mark to six games in Sunday’s finale.

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