Showalter on Bell forgetting the outs

Orioles rookie Josh Bell forgot how many outs there were in last night’s loss to the Red Sox, as he stepped on the third base bag with Marco Scutaro’s grounder and then threw to first for an unnecessary double play in the third inning. The play was harmless, but at this level that can’t happen.

Asked today if it was a concentration thing that was being addressed with Bell, manager Buck Showalter answered: yes and yes.

“I think Josh is trying to get through, whatever, anxiety there might be about the opportunity. He has some days where you can tell he is real comfortable,” Showalter said.

“It’s more of a reaction thing, that  he stepped on the bag. But the game should never catch you by surprise and that’s a concentration thing. You don’t expect or tolerate from anybody… It tells you need to have a little better concentration level.
They were all laughing in the dugout, asking [Ty Wigginton] what he was doing at first base. He had a great answer: ‘I couldn’t tell if he touched the bag and plus I was heading towards the dugout anyway. I just happened to stop there and the next thing I know he was throwing.’ With that being said, ‘It ain’t funny.’ [Bell] was embarrassed about it. Not good.”

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