Welcome to Chicago- some pregame notes

*Welcome from Chicago where the Orioles will take on the White Sox in a three-game set. You might have noticed I was off for the last three games of the Texas series, as I traveled to the Midwest for my college roommate (yes, a fellow Spartan alum) and her wedding. 

Here are a few random notes to get you started..

*David Hernandez will throw a bullpen session (his first) tomorrow in Sarasota. Hernandez said his left ankle is nearly pain-free although there is expected to be some discomfort until it fully heals in November. Hernandez has been doing some light throwing at the team’s Spring Training complex in Florida and is still a ways away.  

*Jason Berken was scheduled to get a second opinion today in New York. More info on that when  I get it.

*September callups are coming soon and Showalter basically told reporters in Baltimore over the weekend that Chris Tillman will be coming up. Expect Nolan Reimold as well. Showalter will want to see as much of the O’s young core as possible, which is why if I’m a betting person I put my money on seeing Zach Britton up here as well.   

*Happy 50th Birthday Cal Ripken.

*Also, the White Sox are apparently making a move on Manny Ramirez. This series could get pretty crazy pretty quick if that happens. 

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