Os win 4th straight

The Orioles secured their fourth straight win on Friday night and they’ve also turned in four straight quality starts. The O’s are pitching to a 2.28 ERA over that stretch and have Jeremy Guthrie, Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta and Brad Bergesen to thank.

They don’t even look the same team I watched drop three of four to Kansas City. The Buck Showalter effect? I guess so. Here are some extra quotes from the Orioles win that didn’t make it in the game story

Showalter on how this Orioles team is different now…

 “Anybody who sits and watches, and I told them all the time this in ESPN in those meetings, to sit there and watch the game, and then be there in the clubhouse and the dugout and on the planes, you don’t know. I’m not going to sit here and smugly say I knew everything. I know why we’re carrying 13 pitchers. I know the challenges that have been here. I never said at ESPN or wherever at home said, ‘Why don’t they do this? What’s wrong with this?’ Until you’re in their shoes and walking, there’s a lot of things that go on with a club and an organization that you’re not aware of. So far, so good. The guys are playing hard and getting a return on it. I’m happy for them.”

On the importance of Nick Markakis hustling to get to third on Luke Scott’s single in the 10th..

“It changes a lot of things. You’ve always got to think about what if, if you do this and you do that. Did it change it? Sure. There were some things that change. This guy’s a big split-finger, it makes him a lot more tentative about the split with a man on third base. It’s 90 feet. I think sometimes, because there’s nobody out, there’s two outs, we’re going to be real passive. That’s not always the case.”

Bergesen on his outing..

“Any time you feel like you have confidence in your pitches, it’s a great thing and you just try to roll with it. Getting good depth on my fastball tonight was key for me.”

“We always talked earlier in the year that we wanted to make it that way. One guy goes out and has a good outing and the next guy wants to go out and have an even better outing. When you create that little competition between the starters, you can really start rolling with each other.

I really think it’s a combination of both. I’ve been working with Kranny so much this year. We’ve been working and trying to find new things. Really for me, just simplifying it and focusing on tempo and arm angle are the big keys for me, and I obviously have more conviction in my pitches.”


As with any employees who don’t have any faith in their boss (Dave Trembley) things soon become a mess. However when they do have faith that the boss (Buck Showalter) knows what he’s doing. Boy how things can change.

I think it is more than having faith. I think it is having the right preparation, confidence and focus. I think the message has been delivered that no one has a sense of entitlement in their roles on this team. Showalter has the credibility and the assessment process started when he showed up. So the players know that they either perform or they are gone and who is going to rush to pick up guys who fail on a last place team. Showalter will make McPhail better as it will be hard to blame the manager. Showalter doesn’t need to prove he can manage. The players know that they need to make good on the opportunities given to them. That is accountability.

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