Buck does it again. And against big, hairy guys.

That would be 3-0 now for the Orioles under the Buck Showalter Era. Wondering how long it took his predecessors to get to that mark?

It took the O’s until game 19 under Dave Trembley, when they won at Fenway Park. I remember that game because Cla Meredith got the save and said that the O’s wouldn’t celebrate getting the win because it would be pretty “bush league”.

Under Juan Samuel’s watch, it was game No. 11 in San Francisco. Jake Arrieta got the win in that one and allowed just one run — a Pablo Sandoval homer — over seven innings.

I know there was a lot of hype going into the spring, and I also know the Angels have been scuffling. But it’s still reason for some optimism. Here are some more extra quotes that didn’t make it in my game story. By far the best was when Showalter was asked if the O’s seemed deflated after Jason Berken game up a game-tying homer to Torri Hunter.

“I looked for that,” Showalter said, adding that he didn’t see any give. “[It’s] part of playing, not only in the big leagues, but in the American League. Big, strong, hairy guys here. They hit it where the grass doesn’t grow. And that’s part of playing in this division, this league.

“That’s part of it. We’ve got some big guys, too. Maybe not as hairy.”

Showalter admitted he let rookie Jake Arrieta have a lot of rope, by allowing him to go a career high 7 2/3 innings and 108 pitches.

 “He was pitching well enough to continue,” he said. “It’s just like sending Berken back out there after the home run. I want to see how he responds, and he responded well. You want to see these guys smell it, sniff it, finish it.”

“[Angels starter] Danny Haren’s outstanding. You see why guys like that are so coveted at the trading deadline. Everybody has those moments. It’s how you respond to adversity. That was impressive on all their parts. Jake was the difference in the ballgame, though.”

You might be wondering if Showalter is thinking- how is this team the worst in the Majors? After all, they’ve played well in all facets of the game these last three days.

“I came into [this situation] completely open-minded,” he said. “Nothing’s as bad as it seems and nothing’s as good as it seems. Like I said before, I’ve been fortunate enough to be around some players who won 100 games in a year when I was the manager, and we had periods when it seemed like we weren’t ever going to win another game.

“I tried to come into it with a real open mind about it. There’s enough track-record players here that you know they’re better than that, but things snowball. We all know that.”


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