MacPhail on Showalter- why him? and why now?

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail sat alongside new manager Buck Showalter and answered questions concerning the Orioles timetable, why Showalter and what role the newest Orioles skipper will have in making decisions.

The press conference video can be found on, but here are some of the more interesting comments from MacPhail.

On hiring Showalter…
“What we have currently in our franchise is we have a young core of players that are struggling, taking a step backwards, they haven’t been exposed to winning type environments. We for the last couple of months have been trying to find somebody that has had some experience in creating that environment. That has been exposed to young rosters before and knows how to prepare young players to be as good as they possibly can be.

“We need an identity as a franchise. We need somebody that can put his stamp on this team and have us play a certain brand of baseball that we are going to have to play to win. Again, [Showalter] has a reputation that excels or equals all others in that category.

On the timing of bring in Showalter in August…
“I was a strong believer, and still am, that it was essential for Buck
to get in here and get his boots on the ground so to speak. And be able
to look players in the eye and be able to understand how they react in
certain competitive situations.  I thought it was important to go in the
offseason to where he would have a large voice on what he things how we
should prioritize our offseason needs.”

On Showalter’s reputation as being a micromanager…
“Not an issue for me, not an issue for those that I spoke with prior, you know, during this process.”

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