What now?

Over the next month, deals involving players on the 40-man roster cannot be made unless the players already have cleared waivers. A player exposed to waivers can be claimed by any team and — if there are multiple claims — the player would be offered to the team with the worst record.

At that point, a team has 48 hours to either try to work out a trade with the claiming club or remove the player from waivers. A player can only be pulled back from waivers once, but if he clears waivers either the first or a second time through, a team can attempt to trade him to any club.

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We know the season is lost BUT do we have to GIVE AWAY PLAYERS? The last 2 trades we made have as much effect on the club as a spit in the ocean ! Don’t Oriole fans deserve BETTER? Why hire a top notch manager IF you aren’t going to provide the players he needs to win? What is McPhail thinking? Has he given up ? Is his resignation around the corner? Whats going on inside those warehouse offices?

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