Ohman speaks about the Trade

Orioles reliever Will Ohman was traded to the Marlins for Minor Leaguer RHP Rick Vandenhurk. Vandenhurk will report to Triple-A Norfolk with Troy Patton expected to be in Kansas City tomorrow to take Ohman’s spot in the ‘pen.

Here is Ohman’s final interview as an Oriole..

[did you expect this?] I mean I thought that there was a possibility, nothing is ever certain. Just talked to Andy and he said it went right down to the wire. I guess that’s just how it goes. You are always with the team that wants you this most. So, I guess my time here is done.
[on it being a positive thing] Anytime you get traded it’s a good feeling. [It means] you did well enough in the place that you were to merit the trade, and there’s somebody else out there that thinks you are serviceable. In that way, I guess it’s a compliment.
[difficult to leave?] Got another 24 friends picked out for me in South Florida. So, go find out if they like me.
[key to him being productive this year?] The surgery I had in the offseason for me, made the difference. It really made a huge difference, was actually able to locate pitches where I wanted to, I wasn’t able to do that last year. I fought through it, it just didn’t work.
[joining a race] You always want to pitch meaningful innings, meaningful games. Obviously we’ve come up short a lot on that here. So I guess there will be some added energy in that regard ,but the game remains the same.

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I like that the orioles have made some trades here recently to get rid of players with no futures with the organization, but i really feel as if they got 2 players in return with little to no value. Their minor league numbers dont really jump out at you. I guess we didnt trade any pieces of a puzzle, but i really feel like we made some bad moves. Only time will tell on this one tho. Glad that Miggy is gone so Bell can be the full time man.

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