Tejada on trade

Miguel Tejada’s thoughts on today’s trade to San Diego..

On his reactions on trade: “I know this game is a business. I wish the team could do better with me here. I’m just sorry because I think we can do much better than we’re doing now. I got to accept whatever they do. It’s a great honor that a first-place team wants me. I wish it could be here and we were fighting for first place. That don’t happen and I got to go do my job.”
On whether this surprised him: “It hit me hard. It’s not because I get traded, but one thing I never want to do is leave this team. I love being here. I feel bad because I left a lot of good guys behind. I always say that I love the city and I love this team. It hit me hard, but I got to go play and help those guys to win a championship.”
On how he’ll be used in San Diego: “I’m probably going to be used as a third base or a shortstop, the two positions that I play. I just want to go up there and help them. I love winning and there’s an opportunity there to be a winner.”
On whether his time is running out to get a ring?: “You see what happened here and now I go into a situation where I can get a ring. It’s not easy to get a ring. It’s a lot of hard work. Now, I’m going to have an opportunity. I’m just going to move forward and keep working hard and hopefully I’ll have an opportunity.”
On whether he’d consider another return to Baltimore: “I always say that I love this city, I love this team, I love the guys that they have in here. I would love to never leave here. I’ll always be interested in coming back here. I already told the team that the only team that I can be coaching when I retire is here. I love it here. In my heart, I’m one of the Orioles. I feel like this is the team that gave to my family. I think that everywhere I go, people are going to look at me as one of the Orioles. Hopefully now, they’ll look at me like a Hall of Famer like Jim Palmer or Brooks Robinson because those guys did so much for baseball and the Orioles. But I think I’m getting there because I love the Orioles and I played for them a long time. I think my heart belongs to the Orioles.”

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