Wiggy suspended, will appeal

Orioles first baseman Ty Wigginton will be handed a three-game suspension from Major
League Baseball for Thursday night’s tirade. Wigginton and president of baseall operatoins Andy MacPhail both said the organization
will appeal the suspension (which also includes an undisclosed fine) which is expected to become official around 5 p.m. ET.

Appealing the suspension means Wigginton will not be serving it just yet and MacPhail confirmed this would not change anything with the Orioles roster, which has seen a major shakeup in the last few days and is expected to active Matt Wieters on Sunday.

Interim manager Juan Samuel agreed the three games suspension was harsh, particularly considering Wigginton’s ejection –which came from first base umpire Gary Darling — was to argue a blatant miscall that Darling later admitted. While Wigginton said he was not aware any physical contact was made, Darling said Thursday night that he was bumped in the chest and that he would mention that in his report to MLB.  

Samuel and pitching coach Rick Kranitz were also ejected and are expected to be fined.

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