Samuel on umpires and accountability

Orioles interim manager Juan Samuel, a player for 16 years, agreed that there has been a shift in the way blown calls are handled. In the wake of last night’s trio of ejections, which started when first base umpire Gary Darling ruled J.J. Hardy safe at first base, Samuel was asked if there’s a difference in accountability now as opposed to when he was playing.

“Gary’s been around for a long time,” Samuel said of Darling. “And I just think for me, from my point of view, [if] guys will admit, ‘Yes I missed it. And everything stop there.’

I think nowadays guys kind of they say, ‘Well I see it this way, and that’s how I see it and that’s how it is’. In the past, I think guys would admit things more and you just wish it was like that again. But you also have a lot of new and young umpires coming up and you are going to have those situations.”

Questioned after the game, Darling said he saw the replay although he was hesitant to completely admit he got the call wrong.

“[Wigginton] missed him the first time and on a close play, he got him the second time it looked like,” Darling said. “It was a close play.”

In case you missed it, Wigginton was suspended for three games by Major League Baseball for his actions on Thursday night and will appeal the suspension

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