What to do with Wiggy, plus MacPhail on young talent

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said on Saturday at the Orioles State of the Team address no one is untouchable when it comes to trade talks, including the team’s young core. But MacPhail did acknowledge that it would be hard to part with a young player even if the team would get back a impact bat that it badly needs for the future.

The Orioles are actively shopping veterans Ty Wigginton and Miguel Tejada, with Wigginton the team’s best trade chip given his versatility and resurgent year. The Rangers had a scout in attendance last night and have made it no secret that they are interested in Wigginton.

It’s important to keep an eye on Brian Roberts‘ return, as that would clearly give MacPhail reason to move Wigginton. The timetable on trading Wiggy figures to rely heavily on  when the Os will have a healthy B-Rob.


So if Roberts comes back that means Wiggy goes back to the bench even though Roberts plays second and Wiggy is playing first since the departure of Atkins? Shouldn’t , “No Go”, Lugo go back to the bench since he is the one playing second? If Ty is destined for the bench I hope they do trade him to a team that will let him play everyday. He showed up for work when the rest of the team tuned out during the first half. Thank you Mr. Wiggington I hope the O’s do right by you and find a team deserving of you.

It’s easy to take the short-term view that the Orioles gave away a good player that only hurts the major laegue club. However, Andy MacPhail is building the Orioles for the long-term, and part of that building is acquiring prospects to build up the farm system. I agree with your assessment regarding the trade.

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