Dickerson leaves Tides for a few days

The Orioles affiliate, the Norfolk Tides, will be managed by Minor League Roving Catching Instructor Don Werner until Monday. I’m told interim manager Bobby Dickerson is home for a few days, to make up for the vacation time he lost when promoted from roving Minor League instructor to interim manager. 

This could be nothing. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Dickerson happens to be extremely close to Buck Showalter, who is rumored to be nearing a deal to manage the Orioles. Dickerson played under Showalter while in the Minors and was the Arizona Diamondbacks infield instructor 1998-1999, part of the three years Showalter was at the helm.

I know the two have great respect for each other and that Dickerson would jump at the chance to join a Major League staff in any capacity.

Again, it could be nothing. This is pure speculation on my part, and Dickerson is expected to rejoin the Tides on Monday. Still, it’s rather interesting timing to be taking an extended, non-emergency leave… 

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