Cal on the state of the Os

Cal Ripken, Jr. talked about the state of the Os on the MLB Network
Radio channel on SIRIUS XM
from the All Star Fanfest in Anaheim. Here’s what he said..

“It seems like recently, in that whole change between ’96
and ’97
(when they went to the ALCS) and now, it seemed like we were halfway in a
rebuilding phase and halfway out.  Now it seems like we’re full in a
rebuilding phase. 

[President of Baseball Operations] Andy MacPhail has
come in, he’s made some key trades, he’s got some young talent in.  But
they’re in a phase now where they have to figure out how to play at that
level.  Some of the mistakes they make, baserunning, or cut off some
relays, or bunt plays.  Or just what is the system of pitchers pitching
the opposing hitters.  What are their weaknesses?  What is that
system?  You’ve got [Matt] Wieters who is a young catcher.  You’ve
got a young staff on the mound.  What are they doing to solve those
of things?  So those are the things they have to figure out.  Let’s
assume they have some talent now but they have to play on the field and
start to gather that momentum on the field.
So I think they just need
take a deep breath, really examine their systems a whole lot better and
then go
out and play.  Especially that system that’s really, really important to
me.  The reason the Cardinals are really great all the time no matter
is because [pitching coach] Dave Duncan has a system of knowing how to
pitch to
the opposing guys and he gets the catcher and the pitcher always on the
page.  All teams have some sort of system like that but I think the
Orioles really need to examine theirs and come up with a better system
to get
those young pitchers throwing the right pitches at the right time.”

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Cal obviously has a better feel than most of us as he grew up with the “Oriole Way” when our minor league system was overflowing with major league talent. When the farm system runs dry then top prospects are rushed before they are completely ready. So our young starters probably have relied more on their talent than their approach to getting hitters out. We need to get back to a consistent approach and progression from A to AA to AAA to the O’s playing the game with solid fundementals and execution. Look forward to the day when we are back competing to win it all.

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