Missing in Texas

As you might have figured out already, I’m off for the Orioles four-game trip in Texas leading into the break. What does this mean for you? Besides a slower Twitter feed and a few days without the blog, not much. All your O’s news will still be on Orioles.com.

I have a few midseason stories coming up and as always, will keep you updated on any managerial and trade rumblings.

As for if the Orioles will pull the old leave a player in the city they’re in, I don’t see it happening particularly with Ty Wigginton. The Rangers already asked for him and the Orioles said no, according to industry sources.

Look, Wigginton is on a lot of shopping lists (the Phillies and Yankees are among those rumored) and the Orioles won’t move him unless they get some decent return. He’s not making enough for them to trade him as a salary dump, so they’ll be picky. Will his value decline as his power outage continues? Probably. But president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail isn’t one to make knee-jerk moves. The O’s will try to get some sort of prospect to help them in the future.



“…Andy MacPhail isn’t one to make knee-jerk moves.” I’ve seen glaciers move more quickly than MacPhail.

Wouldn’t you think that Chris Davis (1B/AAA) would be a decent enough return for Wiggy? I would think that Texas would be willing to part with him since he is blocked by Smoak.

The last time the O’s went to Texas Britt stayed home. Anybody else curious about what she did in Texas that is so bad she can’t go back?

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