The wrath of Juan

As you probably know from reading about last night’s 9-3 loss to the Red Sox, interim manager Juan Samuel got pretty heated.

Samuel earned his first career ejection and later held a closed-door meeting with his players to let them know he wasn’t satisfied with Saturday’s effort.

“He played the game one way, and when he sees the game not being played
the way he played or the way it should be played, I think he gets
frustrated — as he should,” said center fielder Adam Jones.

“We didn’t play defensively like a big league team,” Nick Markakis said
of an Orioles club with nine errors in their past five games, including
four straight multi-miscue nights. “We made bonehead plays.” 

The Orioles head into Sunday 23-56 after 80 games, mirroring the mark of the
franchise-worst 107-loss squad of 1988.

“We definitely need to get better,” Samuel said.
“Even though last week we won some games, we did not play good defense.
We have to pick it up. We need to do all those little things if we’re
going to compete in this division and win some ball games.”

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