Does Scott to the DL push up Pie?

It’s unclear what the Orioles will do if Luke Scott goes on the disabled list Thursday which is looking pretty likely. Scott noted that it was a pulled left hamstring and those take about two weeks to heal.

When I spoke to Felix Pie after the game, he already knew about Scott’s injury and said he wasn’t sure what was going on. The plan before all this went down was for him to play a few more games in Bowie and rejoin the team probably by Monday in Detroit.

But Scott’s injury changes things. Pie said he planned on going to the field in Bowie Thursday afternoon to work out, but closed our conversation with “I think I might see you tomorrow.”

So, which is it? Working out with Bowie or a trip to Baltimore to rejoin the team and replace Scott?

The Orioles will have to make a roster move to add Pie eventually, and this is a pretty easy swap. But they could chose to go with Jake Fox as a DH to tide them over for a few days.

I won’t know anything officially until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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