Is Lou Montanez a Major Leaguer?

If you read yesterday’s story about Lou Montanez going on the 15-day disabled list, you
know that Montanez called this season the worst year of his career.

So it got reporters thinking about his career and whether Montanez is actually a legitimate Major League player.

“I’ve got no doubt in my mind that Louie could play in the Major Leagues,” interim manager Juan Samuel said.  “He’s a guy that has a lot of confidence, you need that. And he knows he is good because he tells you he is good. We have seen him, what he could do. I think Lou is a good outfielder. I think Lou can run. I think he is a good hitter.”

Even though Montanez was only batting .140 ?

“It is kind of hard when you sit on the bench for two and three weeks to go out there an face major league hitters,” Samuel said. “We know that. Lou thinks of himself as an everyday player. Lou is not a role player.”

“Those guys are (usually) veteran players that know the situation that they are going to be in. It’s hard for a young guy to sit three or four weeks and all of a sudden turn it on. Those guys need to play.”

Montanez will be out at least two weeks, and said the first week will be about resting and the second will be getting his legs. He’s never had an oblique problem before and didn’t anticipate it being a lingering injury.

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