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I know Garrett Atkins has been the subject of fans’ ire all season, and he’s made it no secret lately that he knows his time is coming to an end. But I will say this about him: he’s been professional about it.

Atkins was at his locker today and conducted essentially the same interview four times, answering the same questions patiently and without any excuses. And it wasn’t exactly a pleasant topic given that it was about his poor performance and pending release.

“I know [interim manager Juan Samuel] feels bad, there’s only so many spots to go around in the lineup,” said Atkins who started for just the fifth time in 2 games on Friday.
“Guys that have been in my position have done a good job. So, you can’t really complain about not playing when guys are playing good.”

Atkins is very quiet, but in my opinion, he might be one of the smartest guys in that locker room. He knows the writing’s on the wall and his time in Baltimore is over when Felix Pie comes back, or even sooner.

“They might have given up on me, but I don’t think [being released is] going to happen this weekend,” he said.

A lot of guys would sulk, yell or refuse to talk about the rumors until they were true. So while Atkins deserves to be booed for his performance on the field, in my opinion he deserves a small amount of respect for taking the high road.

He did admit that being released and picked up by another team wouldn’t be a bad thing, and would be a “welcome opportunity.”

But how much can you fault a guy for wanting out given that he sits on the bench with little shot of playing, (because he’s been awful) while the Orioles are marred in a historically bad run?

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Its nothing personal with him but he has not produced and is being paid alot of money . He has not changed his approach from what I’ve observed same stance, same swing mechanics . The only thing left to ask is whats in his head? Does he need a hypnotist/a shrink ? I doubt any team will pick up the incredible shrinking hitter though I do wish him well and him he turns it around somewhere.

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